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FS 2016Welcome! My name is Fredrik Sandberg, and I manage this page with the purpose of propagating for gender equality and broadening of gender roles. The focus lies primarily on male issues, as I feel the male perspective on equality is often overlooked. (Note: on a global scale there is no doubt that women face more adversities than men, but that is not necessarily the case here in the secularized West.)

I approach these topics from a classical liberal perspective, rather than based on the popular contemporary ideology of radical feminism. Equality is about equal rights, opportunities and responsibilities, and not about 50/50 in turnout of life choices and representation. Men as a sex have strengths, weaknesses and limitations, just as do women, and neither gender are “bad guys” in a battle of the sexes…

Some would say I am not allowed to have a say in matters of equality, as I am a straight, white male, but I beg to differ. I truly believe that it is what someone says that is of importance, not who says it. I value a statement based on its contents, not on its sender, and expect the same courtesy in return. However, you are most welcome to counter my arguments – debate is enriching!

Below on this page you can find links to English summaries of some of my more important texts. Please note that these texts are mostly regarding Swedish circumstances, although there is a various degree of global validity. Also, they are somewhat boiled down, while the Swedish equivalents offer more of in-depth argumentation and are fully equipped with scientific references. You can find all of my many sources via the “Bibliotek” (”Library”) link above.

Enjoy your read, and thanks for dropping by!


Dela gärna med dig av din åsikt, men tänk på att bemöta andra som du själv skulle önska bli bemött!

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